Reading a book called ‘Insights’ and thought this was interesting:
Based on extensive research, Renee Mauborgne and here colleague Chan Kim found the key to creating blue oceans of uncontested market space is to stop focusing on beating the competition. Ironically, she said, the more companies focus on competitors, the more they begin to resemble them. Instead, companies should strive to make the competition irrelevant by reconstructing market boundaries much in the way Southwest Airlines, Starbucks and Apple have done. Mauborgne identified six paths to reconstructing marketing boundaries that any company can follow to create a blue oceans. “Blue oceans cant be about randomness,” she said. “They can’t be about luck.”
I begin to think of this in the aspect of people. People compete so hard with what they feel is ‘competition’ until they begin to look like their competition. Just as the companies described above started new trends within their industry by being innovative and expounding beyond what they saw as their competition, with uniqueness, we should do the same.
Be uniquely you! You are always going to have someone who loves you, someone who hates you, someone who thinks you’re goofy and so on. Don’t let that bother you. Be you. You be the trendsetter. Better yourself, not in the realm of competition, but better yourself to create a better you.
No one can be you better than you! Uniqueness is genuineness. Genuineness is uniqueness.

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