‘You Are Moving Far Way’

So I’m driving, in deep thought. At this point I am zoned out to the fact I am going 50 in a 35, zoned out to the potholes I’m hitting with 20′ rims and totally not listening to the soothing jazz station I have playing. I am in deep thought, life is attempting to take me there, away from reality and into my current situations. I am slowing drifting further and further into deeper thought..then instantly…. I am back, simultaneously I recognize the speed limit, pot hole and the song playing. What caught my attention and what resonated in my spirit were the words from the song, it was as though this was the moment the Lord spoke. The words went…’you are moving far away, you are moving far away, so far away from me’. It  may have been a simple song, speaking on a love relationship, but I understood the meaning perfectly. Never get so entangled in your life circumstances, till you have drifted into your situations, moving towards them rather than closer to the Lord.

3 thoughts on “‘You Are Moving Far Way’

  1. That is true, it brings to mind of the scripture that has beome real to me lately. Be not conformed to this world. Like a tree thats planted and faces high winds in one direction and becomes bent in it and not able to come back to its normal form. Just like taking our life circumstancces and holding on to them and trying to handle them anyway we see fit or do it ourselves versus gods way..

    1. Yes, His was is ALWAYS the best way. I often time confess as apart of my daily prayers, for the Lord to set up roadblocks when I attempt to go my way, verses His.

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