fath           Bio: As a young wife and mother, life began to take its toll. During a dark and lonely bout with depression, Krishelle Ethridge called on the name of Jesus from a sincere place in her heart, needing and wanting His help. From that marvelous moment she was saved and gave her life to Christ- for “WHOEVER WILL CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE SAVED” Romans 10:13. There was an immediate calmness and peace that enveloped her entire being, physically and spiritually.

Out of this transformation, a heart to serve was born. As a stay at home mother, she began to serve her local community through various outreach initiatives as well as teach in the children’s ministry at her church.

As her passion and knowledge of the Word grew, and through divine connection she was offered the opportunity to become the Spiritual Development Counselor of a local non-profit, helping mothers with children 17 years and younger. The enjoyment of seeing lives transformed through that organization awakened her to create Mothers on Mission Outreach Ministries, Inc. Through this ministry many were brought to the saving knowledge of Christ by way of street evangelism and bible studies – all while meeting the need for food and clothing. Simultaneously the Lord pressed upon her heart to open a religious based childcare facility, ‘Little Lambs’, where the children were not only taught a preschool curriculum but the Word of God as well.

As life circumstances took a turn, she moved to Florida in 2011 where she continued to teach and evangelize by way of a bible study ministry in the local shelter. She has presently relocated back to Houston, where she continues in ministry at various capacities, one being the ‘Transformation Truth’ podcast. Krishelle believes everyone is a candidate for a biblical transformation. With the practical teaching of ‘Truth’ she endeavors to touch as many lives as she can, she often time says, ‘Everyone has a past, but are you prepared for your future. Transformation is a process.’


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