Obedience Is A Choice

I’ll be the first to admit, I sin. I don’t believe someone in Christ sins everyday….but I do believe they may stumble from time to time and get back up.

The question I pose is, while in Christ and sinning do you have the desire to stop? If you don’t have the desire to stop, could it be that you have sinned for so long and now there is no restraint, meaning you can’t stop?

Well, you can stop… if you truly want to; by setting your heart on Him and surrendering to His will and His way. That’s what I do… and am currently doing right now as of yesterday. And guess what, He is already sending help. It didn’t take long for me and won’t take long for you, He’s right there when we chose to walk in the light. He is the light. And I should add, it’s up to you to recognize when He is helping you. He doesn’t always outright do a thing for you. The majority of he time He gives you the strength or the power you need to overcome what you battle, remember His strength(power) is made perfect in our weakness.

Sin doesn’t take precedence over His power.

Many of us have fallen into the worlds sinful way of doing things. But that shouldn’t be a surprise, He plainly tells us broad is the road to destruction and many will find it, and narrow is the road to life and few find it. Did you notate few walk the narrow road? Just prepping you, you/we may have to travel the road of righteousness alone. But if you really think about it, it’s not hard to do right,…if we really have the desire to. How? Take the way of ‘escape’. With every temptation we encounter He provides a door of escape. I can look back on times when I sinned and recollect the avenues of escape I chose not to take.

If you can continually practice sin, do you really love God? God talks about Israel being unfaithful, as a metaphor, many times throughout the Bible. The Israelites cheated on God with idols and was unfaithful in their relationship. Did they really love God? In a love relationship there is a desire to please. It should be the same way in our relationship with God. We should desire to please Him not only in heart but with outer expressions of love to.

What outer expression does He desire? He asks us to express our love for Him in two ways. 1)feeding His sheep and 2)obeying His commands. If you love Him like you profess too, back it up with action. He knew many honored Him with lip service only, while their heart was far from Him. Our heart gives us up. The issues residing in our heart will flow over into our life. They can be good or bad? Are there bad habits that need to be broken in your life? Or are there good habits that need to be nurtured? Whether good or bad they flow from the abundance of your heart. Change begins in the heart.

In conclusion I admonish you to set your heart to please God. In doing so you will see your desires transform into His desires for your life. Even when you find yourself veering from the narrow path, remember the Holy Spirit is there to help. Call on the name of Jesus, surrender to His will and watch doors of sin close as you are strengthened in Him.

The question is do you love Him enough to obey Him?


“If you love me, keep my commands.” John 14:15

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