‘Teach Me To Pray To Your God’


It was a quiet morning. My children, Danielle 8, and Xavier 5, each played quietly in their rooms. Daniel, my two-year old, followed me around in the kitchen as I cleaned the kitchen from breakfast. The television was on in the living room in which I frequently glanced over the open bar to watch. It lived on the church channel, and on this occasion individuals gave their testimonies as to how Christ helped them overcome difficult situations. It was a normal morning, nothing out of the usual until I glanced out of the kitchen window.

My entire front yard was filled with what looked like walking zombies; the walking dead. Immediately fear gripped me. As I looked closer I noticed they were demons. Demons with pale, blank faces and they were slowly making their way towards my home. I ran to the front door to make sure it was locked as I screamed for Danielle and Xavier to come here. As they entered the living room, Daniel my 2 year old, knew something was not right and ran towards me. I picked him up and the other 2 followed me to the back door which was near my room. I yelled to them to go into my room as I made sure the back door was locked. While locking the back door, I saw the demons had surrounded the house. They were going to try to get in.

I entered my room and heard the front door open. They were now in the house. I quickly closed my room door and told the children to go into my bathroom and don’t come out. Moving as fast as I could I pushed the dresser behind the door as a blockade. I could hear the footsteps of the zombie demons entering the living room and walking down the hall to my room. I heard the back door open, now there were many of them in the house. They made it to my room and attempted to open the door but my dresser was keeping them at bay. They began to pound on the door causing it to weaken and the dresser to slowly tilt. I ran to get my gun and stood in firing position because the pounding had now broke the door and they were successfully making their way in.

They made it through the blockade and into the room. I positioned myself in front of the bathroom door scared and calling on the name of Jesus. As they began to walk towards me I began to shoot. But instead of my gun firing bullets, it literally turned to rubber, just like the guns in the bugs bunny cartoons that I watched as a child. Fear gripped me and there was nothing more I could do other than fight. As the ring leader of the zombie demons neared he made it to me and  stopped. He stood right in front of me. I looked down…..  to my surprise there stood the 5 year old child that would wonder to my house with his 2 year old sister at 6:00am every morning that I would feed, clothe and bathe until I took them home around 10:00pm that night because their mother was on drugs and didn’t care where they spent their days. As he looked up at me, with his hands in prayer position and the same dirty face that I would never forget, he said, “Teach me to pray to your God.” I looked around and the demon zombies were no longer demons but they were children – children hungry for the Lord. From all walks of life, they stared waiting for me to teach them.

This was the first vision, the Lord gave me asking me to teach the children.





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