Should YOU Be Here – Healthy & Negative Connections

One major way to determine whether or not this is the right relationship or connection for you is to notice your behavior. We all know who we are to a certain extent: for the majority, our responses are somewhat the same in certain situations. When a new relationship is introduced into your life pay attention to how you feel, what your thought process is and what you do. Is this person bringing out your better qualities? Qualities that help mature you, focus you, encourage you? Are they bringing value to your life? It doesn’t have to be value as it relates to money, but is their acquaintance developing or helping you become a better self and are you capable of adding value to their life?

In today’s society relationships are more so accessible to us with social media able to reach the masses. One click can acquaint you with someone miles away. But are these individuals you are connecting yourself with adding or taking away from your character? Are they negative connections that bring out your ‘not so best’ qualities? When in their presence or affiliation is there tension, arguments, jealousy, an uneasy feeling? Or are they inspiring healthy emotions, emotions that add  purpose and meaning to your life.

With all relationships and acquaintances you have the choice as to whether or not this person or connection will remain. Take note of the value they bring to you and the value you bring to them. Notice the red flags. Everyone you come in contact with was not meant to be a permanent fixture in your life. Make wise decisions as to who goes and who stays. The worst thing you could do is allow the wrong person to bring distrust, adversity or hostility into your life.

Make a conscious decision to surround and affiliate yourself with those that compliment your character in a healthy way. More often than not, the negative emotions we feel are because we have allowed someones negative behavior to affect our emotions. Get rid of those connects and replace them with healthy connections and watch your life blossom.

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