Ears to Hear

Was reading Jeremiah and in chapter 36…well to make it short, the Lord was giving Judah a chance to repent, so He had Baruch scribe the words given to Jeremiah, from the Lord, onto a scroll. Well, Baruch read the scroll in the Palace to the princes, and in verse 19, the princes told Baruch, ” Go and hide, you and Jeremiah; and let no one know where you are.” They knew there was a chance the king might not like what was said in the scroll. So the prince took the scroll to the king, and of course he was angry and burned the scroll without reading it in its entirety. Now, this is what got my attention, ..in verse 26 the king sent his men to seize Burach and Jeremiah, …’but the Lord hid them.’

Can you see how the Lord used the princes? Remember in verse 19, the princes told Baruch and Jeremiah to hide. In verse 26, it said the Lord had hid them. The Lord will use whom He chooses to get the message across, the question is will you be receptive. I pray the Holy Spirit guide you and keep you, in Jesus name.

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