Helping Not ‘Making’

I have fallen victim to this, just as many other women have. One of the signs of a true help mate, is they want to help. They desire their mate to be successful and they see their potential. In doing so they place themselves in a position where they think they can be of benefit to that person. Truth is, that person can have all the ‘potential’ in the world and not tap into it. Us as ‘help mates’ should be doing just that….HELPING, not MAKING them. The person you help should be on a move already doing what the Lord has called them to do, not only doing it, but progressing in it. Ruth met Boaz in his field, he was already doing it and she fit right in. Not saying they have to have already arrived, but we have to be careful not to fall in love with someones ‘potential’ alone, look for evidence of ‘fruit’ as well as seek the Lord.

2 thoughts on “Helping Not ‘Making’

  1. Shabbat SHALOM my sister! So, so, true, the time for games in a relationship is over, if I want games I’ll go to toy’s R us! People must be moving in the same direction that you are or they will cripple you spiritual walk with the FATHER! AMEN?

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