Find Your Love In ‘TRUTH’

What do you do and how do you feel when the ‘light bulb’ comes on, AFTER THE FACT. After you have spoken, after you have seen, after you have heard and most importantly after you have experienced. What do you do then? You have come to the realization of what things truly are, versus what you thought they were or even what they were once upon a time. Your eyes and ears of understanding has NOW aligned itself with reality. The TRUTH. The truth is not an imagination, it’s not even mixed with imagination just a little. It’s the reality of what things truly are and has become. You could mope around, gnawing , grasping to change the reality of the truth, you could say, ‘if I had done this, or if I had said this’, you could worry yourself thinking on a false reality ignoring the real one. You could also, accept the truth, through the pain, through the joy, through it all, accept it for what it is and ADAPT. Adapt yourself to open up for a fresh new reality one that you desire, moving on with a new EXPRESSION, a new mindset a NEW OUTLOOK a new HOPE. In life, you can’t live in regret or in ‘after the fact’. Accept the truth, learn from experience, and create a reality. A reality not based on a person place or thing, but a reality based on TRUST, trusting in the Lord. With Him you always live in truth. There is no delusion and no false sense of security…………..Find your love in TRUTH.

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