Lesson Learned!

I don’t think I ever told anyone other than my children, about this particular time the Lord kept me. He keeps us even when we are not aware, or just plain ole ‘young and dumb’ like I use to be…doing naive things. Well, there was one night, I would say around 8pm, it was dark and I decided to walk to the store.

Now here is the scene, I am 15 years old, in the hood part of town (visiting my cousin), with big gold earrings, platform shoes (they were the in thing back then) and a red tight fitting spandex dress that stopped right below my butt. There you go. I was young and not the smartest, walking to the store at around 8ish- 8:30pm. So I am leaving the store walking home, it was no more than a 5 minute walk and guess what happens. A car drives up and the guy inside, maybe around 19 or 20, stops and asks, ‘Do you want a ride?” And of course with my mentality at that time, I agreed and hopped right into his car.

So we are driving home, and he looks over and says, ‘Do you see that ditch?’ I said, yes, there was a deep ditch on the side of the street. He said, ‘I could easily kill you and dump you in that ditch and no one would ever know.’ At this point I think to myself, what the hell is going on, is he going to attempt to kill me. I am preparing to jump out the car and he screams, ‘Stop! I am not going to hurt you’, as he pulls onto the street of my destination. He then says, upon dropping me off, ‘Don’t ever take a ride with anyone you don’t know. Do you understand how easy it is to come up missing or dead?’

Lesson Learned! That was a lesson from the Almighty Himself.From that point I have never taken a ride with anyone I did not know. I look back on that and I can see that even then the Lord kept me and took care of me, even during the years I was not walking wholeheartedly with Him. I do believe that was an angel sent by the Lord to warn and teach me, to grow me up! and to mature me in that area. Sometimes its the smallest lessons that makes the biggest difference.

‘Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:12’

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