One Decision Away

You are traveling your normal route, making your assigned stops along the way, headed to your destination. You are hungry, you desire food, the more you think about it, the more your stomach growls. You decide to find a restaurant. There is no restaurant in sight, you see a side street, as you think to yourself, ‘I’m sure I will find a restaurant on this street’ so you make a left onto that street. All of a sudden, unexpectedly the sky begin to dim, as night falls, you are not worried you have been through this before. You cut your bright lights on, you can see just fine. You continue on, in the darkness, with your bright light lighting your path. Your stomach gets louder as you drive further. You see Denny’s, but that is definitely not what your appetite calls for. It has gotten darker, but with the street lamps, along the street shining bright, you have decided to turn your bright lights off and allow the street lights to guide you along with your regular lights. You continue to travel down this side street, looks like Ruth Chris up ahead, you love Ruth Chris, you decide to stop. Just what you desired! You begin to eat, after a few bites your deliveries and your destination comes to mind.

You quickly leave, because of accountability. You travel the side street heading back to the main road. But this time, you decide to turn your bright lights on immediately. As you travel back, to your designated route, day begins to break. The closer you get, the brighter the sky becomes, no longer do you need your bright lights, because now you have ‘The Light’ as your guide.

”As we may find ourselves off track, we are only one decision away from turning around and heading in the right direction.’

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